Introducing Calsep Cloud Services

Calsep has developed a Flash API that allows the user to perform fast and robust flash calculations with PVTsim Nova technology. Calsep's Flash API can be accessed through Calsep's Public Cloud solution or it can be installed in your on-premise cloud solution. Calsep's Flash API is developed and designed for implementation in high performance solutions that might require more than 1000 flash calculations per second. The Public Flash API is developed to follow best practices and security principles and all calculations are fully consistent with PVTsim Nova.

The Calsep Flash API will enable your engineers and data scientists to build applications that requires access to volumetric, thermal and transport properties of all types of reservoir fluid compositions including aqueous components from gases and gas condensates, near critical fluids, volatile oils, black oils and heavy oils.

Calsep Flash API

Get introduced to Calsep's Flash API and find out how to call Calsep's robust and fast flash routines using cloud technology. 

Calsep SDKs

Here you will find all information about Calsep's Python and C# SDKs and how to work with the API from monitoring of usage to utilization in an high performance enviroment. 

Need a Flash Engine?

Calsep's Flash API is designed to be the engine of software applications that require multiple flash calculations every second. This could be in connection with dynamic flow simulations, monitoring of process equipment or allocation of streams from multiple sources.